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Experienced and Strategic




The owner, Santana  has a masters degree in Sociology with a focus on Criminology and Law from Queen's University.  She is an Authorized Court Transcriptionist and an avid editor, tutor and mentor.

She has a multitude of experience working in a variety of industries: legal, finance, education, healthcare, administrative roles, and management roles. 

 Santana developed the business model for Beyond Transcription Services through recognizing that there is a niche area for transcription services in Canada. Santana also worked for many different industries and noticed a similar problem - too much time, money and effort are spent on mundane tasks that take away from the more important tasks.

Santana wants to help you and your business by taking the time to complete your mundane tasks quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. 



Business and Marketing Partner

One of our most respected team members, Stone Stallberg is the brain behind the marketing and business platforms at Beyond Transcription Services.  

Stone has a diploma in Business Management and Entrepreneurship from Algonquin College. He has experience in social media management,  marketing and preparing business proposals for clients.

Stone brings all things business to the table here at Beyond Transcription Services; he is ready and willing to help grow, market, manage any business. On top of all these skills, he brings a plethora of knowledge in the realm of business consulting. For all your business needs, Stone has them covered.

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