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Writing Services

"You write to communicate to the hearts and minds of others what's burning inside you, and we edit to let the fire show through the smoke." - Arthur Plotnik

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Writing Services

Beyond Transcription Services offers both writing and editing services of various kinds.

  • Resume/Cover Letter Writing:

    • Revamp your resume with a new layout, formatting and content editing

    • Edit your current resume and cover letter for errors

    • We specialize in government tailored resumes and cover letters

  • Grant/Business Applications:

    • Preparing and writing your Grant proposal for both business, non-for-profits and individuals

    • Preparing and writing business plans in any industry

    • Researching for any business, grant applications 

    • Specialization in Government applications for both grant and business proposals

  • Incorporating a Business

    • Preparing Incorporation documents of a Business from start to finish, including name searches, filling out application forms, and filing with the Federal Government ​

Ghost writing

Allow us to turn your jotted notes, and imagination into a manuscript that fully encompasses your voice, tone and ideas.    

Laptop Writing
Document with Pen

Editing Services

Proofreading: This type of editing focuses solely on removing cosmetic errors .

Copyediting: Copyediting involves improving style, formatting and accuracy. You will be able to choose between three levels of copyediting:

  • Light copyediting consists of double-checking accuracy and taking care of most grammatical issues.

  • Medium copyediting includes correcting flow and re-working some of the text.

  • Heavy copyediting consists of re-structuring some paragraphs, or heavily correcting style, flow, and grammar

Content Editing: This is a more intensive type of editing, which involves adding content that was left out or re-writing sections of content.

Types of Documents that can be edited:

  • Undergraduate Papers

  • Graduate Papers

  • 250 Word Sample Edit Available

  • Thesis/ Dissertation Editing

  • Undergraduate​ /Graduate Papers

  • 1000 Word Sample Edit Available. 

  • Memorandums

  • Business Plans/ Proposal

  • Marketing Materials

  • Speeches/ Presentations

  • Personal Statements

  • University Entry Statements​

  • LSAT/MCAT Personal Statements

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